Alexa Jade Frankelis is a researcher and visual artist based in New York City. She had attended the BFA Photography and Video program at the School of Visual Arts. She is now studying at Stony Brook University in the BA Art History and Criticism program with plans to study art conservation. 

Selected Exhibitions:

2018    Fall Video II Exhibition, Curated by William Lamson, Joseph                Maida, & Katherine Newbegin , School of Visual Arts,                        New York, NY

2017    Light & Metal,  Curated by Amber Dietz, School of Visual                   Arts, New York, NY

2015    PhotoFresh Exhibit, Curated by Rachel Hines , School of                  Visual Arts, New York, NY

2015    Advanced Visions Exhibit , L.I.U. C.W. Post, Old Brookville,                NY

Selected Publications:

2018   Issue 9-Spring 2018, SVA's The Match Factory

2017   Winter Reveries, Winter 2017/2018 Issue, October Hill                       Magazine

2015   Photofeast Zine 

2015   Nikon's Best of College & High School Photography,                         Photographer's Forum 35th Annual Edition 

2015   School of Visual Arts, Enhanced Chairman's Merit Award                 Scholarship, New York, NY

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